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Immigration Law attorney serving Florida since 2006

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Immigration Law attorney serving Florida since 2006

Experienced Florida Immigration Attorney Protects Non-U.S. Citizens

Dedicated Jacksonville law firm represents clients in immigration matters

The United States is a prime destination for many individuals, but the complexity of the immigration laws and policies can create challenges for non-citizens. As an attorney with years of experience in immigration law, I, David Brown, understand the potential obstacles you may face with securing the necessary documents to legally enter or remain in this country. At David Samuel Brown Law Firm, PLLC, I represent clients throughout Florida and the World in a wide variety of immigration matters. Whether you are seeking to enter the United States for business, a new job, as an Investor or you want to obtain permanent residence status for a family member or your Fiancee, I will offer the support you need to navigate the U.S. Immigration process.

Accomplished attorney helps visa-seeking clients make sound decisions

My clients trust me with their immigration issues because I provide the following:

  • Insight into long-term consequences — There are many tracks to staying in the U.S. within the immigration system, and each comes with different requirements. No matter which one you’re considering, I will help you make an informed decision.
  • Familiarity with the applicable laws — I have spent my career helping individuals with immigration issues and will use this knowledge to give your case the best possible chance of success.
  • Track record of successful decisions — With such high stakes, you need an attorney who has a proven track record of success when it comes to getting their clients the visas, green cards and other documents they need to stay in or enter the U.S.

Regardless of where you are just starting or in the middle of the process, I can assess your case and advise you on how to move forward.

Knowledgeable lawyer represents non-U.S. citizens in a variety of immigration matters

I advocate for clients who are looking for assistance with the following areas of immigration:

  • Family visas — The U.S. allows citizens and permanent residents to sponsor the immigration of their relatives into this country under the family visa program. I can help you understand how to qualify.
  • EB-5 Visas-- EB-5 Investor Visas and Developer use of the program are both important programs for foreign investment in the USA and a proven way to manage investments and businesses from the United States and obtaining residency. There are limits per year to the number of investors allowed. The use of development centers is a major source as well as are third country special treaty programs we deal with.
  • Fiancee Visas--- A Fiancee Visa (officially known as a K1 Visa) is a non-immigrant visa that allows the foreign fiancee of a United States Citizen to enter the United States for the sole purpose of getting married. They are generally considered the quickest way to legally bring a foreign fiancée to the U.S. with the intentions of marriage and immigration.
  • Green cards — Qualifying for a lawful permanent resident status is dependent on a number of factors, such as home country, age and work experience. I can file a petition for a green card on your behalf and identify the best path to your approval.
  • Citizenship — The ultimate goal for many immigrants is to become a U.S. citizen. This is typically a years-long process, but if you qualify, I will help you move through it in the most efficient way possible.
  • Employment and business-based visas —Whether you are seeking a non-immigration temporary business visa or an immigrant employment visa for a long-term position, I will help you collect the necessary documentation.
  • Deportation — Facing the possibility of deportation is overwhelming, but there are ways you can fight removal, and, depending on your individual circumstances, I can tell you if avoiding deportation is possible in your case.
  • Asylum — If you experienced persecution in your home country, you may qualify for asylum or refugee status in the U.S. The rules for qualification are very complex, but I know how to build a strong petition to give you the best chance at approval.

With years of experience, I can develop the best strategy to support your petition for immigration into the United States.

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