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Jacksonville Immigration Lawyer Assists Clients with Complex Issues

Experienced Florida law firm helps clients navigate the immigration system

The United States has its own rules for admitting foreigners, and your particular situation will dictate which immigration options you can pursue. At my firm, David Samuel Brown Law Firm, PLLC, in Jacksonville, I help clients every day with a number of immigration matters, including family-sponsored visas, green cards and business and employment-related immigration. I aim to avoid having your petition get bogged down with delays and will give it the attention it needs to best support your immigration efforts.

Committed attorney supports U.S. citizens who are looking to reunite with family members

Wanting your family to live in the same place as you is a natural desire. The U.S. has a family-sponsored visa program that permits individuals to petition for the immigration of immediate family members who wish to permanently stay in this country. The sponsor effectively vouches for the family member and provides documentation to show why they would be a good addition to this country. Whether the sponsor is a citizen or lawful permanent resident affects how quickly or slowly a petition advances through the system. Further, filing the initial petition is only the first step. I understand how important it is to reunite with family and will help you understand how best to proceed through the immigration process.

Knowledgeable advocate handles green card questions

Foreign nationals who wish to live and work in the U.S. permanently need a green card to legally stay. There are multiple ways a person can qualify to become a green card holder, including:

  • Employment in a desirable profession or possessing special skills
  • Previous admission as a refugee or under asylum protocol
  • Classification as a human trafficking victim
  • Through a family sponsor

How and when you entered the U.S. has a large impact on your eligibility for a green card. In addition, only a limited amount of green cards are administered each year. Thus, you want to get your petition right the first time. I can help you gather all the necessary documents and work to put the best possible petition in front of immigration officials.

Accomplished counselor acts to secure business and work-related visas

Before you come to the U.S. for business or employment, you will likely need a visa to conduct your work. Individuals coming on a temporary basis to attend a conference or meet a consultant, but not to perform actual labor or receive payment from a U.S. source, can apply for a business visa. Those coming to the U.S. for employment will need a permanent work visa. The availability of a work visa depends on your home country and your marketable skills. I can help you determine which visa is appropriate for your situation and the best avenue to getting approved.

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